Science Behind the App

Ever notice how marathon runners write their names on the chests of their jerseys? Hearing your name as you run can make a huge difference! 

We noticed this while watching the Boston Marathon from the sidelines. One of our friends remarked, "I could run for 26 miles too, if I had all these people cheering for ME." 

One sarcastic comment became instant inspiration. 

We realized that most running apps provide poor motivation, and that personalized cheering could do wonders for our stamina if designed properly into an iPhone app. We began to research, and found that science has actually demonstrated that individually-directed motivation can improve runners' endurance. So we decided to create an app that is tailored towards providing personalized encouragement.

Hearing positive words of encouragement from friends and family can have an extraordinary effect on our stamina, morale, and mental health. All of these are not only necessary for a balanced workout, but also a balanced life. Be a part of the Cheerster community, where people motivate, encourage and inspire each other to reach their goals and personal best!


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